Welcome guys in our Forumotion where we may help you find our classmates whatever year you graduated! We are your friends who are basically batchmates of 1977. Come on have coffee with us! Again, thanks for visiting our blog!!!
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Prislette > Talagang salamat at even here in our public message board, you told everybody that you called me, too!!! Kasi ang pagkatao ko never akong magsabi ng names na baka maka-misinterpret sa mga babanggitin kong names not until that person voluntarily reveals it. Haaay talagang kasarap marinig ang boses mo at ganoon din si Jun, hindi nag-iba mga boses niyo!! Unlike mine medyo bumaba ng one to two octaves. Well, bilib ako sa analysis mo! True, we can't change people, I know, though on my part... I just wanna reiterate the moral of it all, which may be found in Matthew 7:3, "AND WHY BEHOLDEST THOU THE MOTE THAT IS IN THY BROTHER'S EYE, BUT CONSIREDEREST NOT THE BEAM THAT IS IN THINE OWN EYE."

Ehlee > Sorry, I thought you're one of the clique so obviously I did not make a reply neither pick up your call. I got the impression, and you will agree with me that it's my right, not to make a reply. I got real friends around me from both fences, and correct me if I am wrong with some impressions cuz you did one big step already to somehow prove you are concerned with where's the batch's goin' in the light of 'powers' in question. And any person may always be misinterpreted though there's always a chance to prove otherwise!

No one chooses to be with the wrong kind of circle of friends. Though it's ones choice to belong to where the color of his feather fits in to. I guess basically, we set up ourselves for a happy life. We all need people to trust and laugh with, no matter who they are for as long as they make us happy. TO SOME THE KIND OF PEOPLE THEY 'MESS AROUND WITH' MATTERS AND TO OTHERS, IT'S THE FUN AND NOT THE NAME! Who will say that a person's choice is acceptable and not the other way around? No one except when "the fruits of their labor" goes beyond their elbow freedom, and they begin to step on others whose choice of friendship depends on the name rather than the fun! Working specially for a group and more importantly for an alumni association is not at all for fun but for a name!!! SO I AM HOPING THAT IMPRESSIONS ABOUT YOU IS NOT TRUE THAT YOU ARE LINKED WITH THE CLIQUE. Allow me to quote here your text that opened my mind for the sake of our common goal mentioned in your text:

"Hi I sent u a text yesterday anyway I want u to know that I'm really sob concern of what's hapening in our batch I've been meeting wid jun papa, thelma, freddie nicdao re: possibility to run for election but we need to muster majority seats in d board to be able to change d existing set up I hope u can support us God bless dear friend... ehlee"


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Hope to hear from you!!!

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PostSubject: THIS COMING OCTOBER 2 & 4, 2008 AHS 1977 ALUMNI ELECTION...   Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:17 am

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PostSubject: Hello Dearest Friends   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:00 am

I apologize for taking a while on my next posting. Quite busy lately, and for the past few months of my stay in here, I have the feeling of starting all over again, dealing with relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and especially dealing with the high cost of living :-) . Getting up early in the morning, taking your kids to school, preparation of detailed lesson plan, and thinking what could be next to sustain our lives. Sometimes, I thought I'm having a cultural shock in my own country-what kind!!!:-)
Anyways, Thanks Freddie for that lovely poem, I was thinking that if you have more time during our high school days, and you were not involved in so many sports activities, then, you will be probably one of my fiercest rivals in the declamation competition.:-) And thanks to all who welcome me on our forum-starbatch kapihan. A Belated Happy Birthday to Ronnie tukayo Labao, and to all celebrators this month, Congratulations!!!

Kung inyo sanang mamarapatin sa mga ibang kamagaaral natin na nakikipagtalastasan na hindi pa namin nababanaag ang inyong mga maamong mukha, ay mangyari lamang , na magpadala sana kayo ng inyong pangkasalukuyang larawan dito sa ating forum. Na kung sa ibang araw ay amin kayong masalubong sa daan, o makasama sa ibang pagtitipon ay makilala namin kayo agad , at mabigyan ng isang mainit na pagbati.

Mayron ba tayong mga kamagaral na malapit ng mag "golden age" itong taon ? Sana ay maipahayag natin ito upang madaluhan ang pagsasalong ito. Minsan lang tayo dumaan sa edad na ito, at masasabing isang pagkakataon na maibahagi natin ito sa mga taong nakakaalala at nagmamahal sa atin. At alam kong ang ibang kamagaaral natin ay hindi magdadalang isip na makisama sa pagtitipong ito. Kaya, huwag na tayong mahiya, at isigaw sa buong paligid ang simbulo ng hakbang ng karunungan ang pagiging limang dekada ng pagliliwaliw dito sa mundo.

Larry, I haven't given you my thanks yet for creating this forum. I am wanting to meet you . If you could not come down from there, perhaps, sometime before the yearend, I will drive up to your santuary out there. Just give me a place to stay , allright? I hope that everyone will continue to communicate to one another. We could share not only laughters but also perplexities in life. Somehow, someways, we could extend our help and assistance in any forms to those who are in need , especially, the most precious request we could ever ask from a friend - A PRAYER...

Roel and Letty > Hey guys, I was really surprised when Letty shared with us your love story:-) You were so secretive, yet, so loving and patience. How could you endured that feeling towards Letty for quite a long time? Perhaps, its called Love isn't it...? and its fate as well.. Sana, sa muling mong pagbabakasyon ay magkita kita tayong muli. Salamat sa inyong dalawa sa pagbibigay ningning ng talastasan natin dito sa forum.

Jun, Freddie, Rudy, Ronnie, Alex, Sonny, and whoever stays within metro manila - Lets try to have a regular sports activity at least twice a month so we could meet regularly and see if we could do something like giving back to our alma mater. Its been almost a month since we met, hopefully, we could meet again even without occasion, right? I could teach tennis for those who could no longer play basketball, or Freddie could give a lesson in golf and in "golfff...golff...( while holding a glass of red wine:-) Jun can teach Badminton, he is an expert of this game since elementary .

Where is Bibot in the forum? I haven't seen any of her message? Siguro hindi lang ako nagbabasa ng husto:-) Is Prislette -the former Priscilla Sandoval, ang crush ng bayan? I remember a song composed by James D' Duncan in 2nd year that says like this- " I met a girl, Priscilla was her name.. since I met her ...I never feel the same... I'm in love with that girl...Priscilla...Priscillla... he he he... See at least , I have remembered something romantic then huh?:-)

Anybody knows the whereabouts of Rebecca Facundo , the crush of Alex and Ronnie in high school, and of course , ako rin pala:-)

Where we could reproduce a copy of our year book? I would like to get one so I could view our pictures and remember our happy days in high school.

Pareng James, next June 2009 at golden age na, and if he is here at that day, I would like to invite you all for the celebration of my friend James D' Duncan. O yan , pare ko, ininvite ko na sila para hindi ka na mahirapan. Ako two years pa in 2010, I hope nandito ako sa Pinas at that time, para macelebrate natin ito with a bang.

O mga katoto, huwag nating kaligtaan na dumaan muna dito sa starbatch kapihan kahit minsan isang linggo para lalong maging masaya ang ating pakikipagtalastasan sa isa't isa. At bago ako magpaalam, nais ko ibahagi ang isang pangako na matatagpuan sa aklat ng Mga Kawikaan 17:17..."Ang kaibigan sa lahat ng Panahon ay nagmamahal..."

Hasta la vista mi amigos Y amigas,
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PostSubject: MANNY, MORE BLESSED BIRTHDAYS TO COME!!!   Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:32 pm

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PostSubject: EVERYBODY PLEASE POST YOUR REPLY, MAGANDA ITO ...   Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:50 pm


(1) The Elder Twin -
One day Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. How come?

[size=18](2) Trouble with Sons
A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins. How could this be so?

(3) If Jan is three times as old as Janice will be when Janette is as old as Jan is now, What is the order in age, from oldest to youngest?

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PostSubject: ANOTHER BRAINTEASERS...   Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:56 pm

The brainteaser questions are :

[size=18](4) Manhole Covers
Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?
This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle which can be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a very well-known software company as an interview question for prospective employees. BAKIT NGA KAYA LAHAT NG MANHOLES BILOG ANO?

(5) The Deadly Party
A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die? OO NGA NAMAN ANO, HAHAHA. MAGANDA ITO!


It is a story about a girl. While at the funeral of her mother, she met a man whom she did not know. She thought he was amazing, her dream guy, and she fell in love with him but never asked for his number and could not find him after the funeral. A few days later the girl killed her sister.


What is her motive in killing her sister ?

(7) The Man in the Bar

A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says 'Thank you' and walks out.
This puzzle has claims to be the best of the genre. It is simple in its statement, absolutely baffling and yet with a completely satisfying solution. Most people struggle very hard to solve this one yet they like the answer when they hear it or have the satisfaction of figuring it out.
While these are technically not "jokes" BATCHMATES, they are interesting. Enjoy!

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PostSubject: O TINGNAN KO NGA KUNG SINO ANG MAKASAGOT NG MGA ITO, ABER?   Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:30 pm


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Roel/Letty Pelagio

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PostSubject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 'MANNY CORTEZ'!!!   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:01 pm

Good sunny day batchmates!!! Yes, napakaganda na ng sikat ng araw dito sa amin sa Cavite this morning. But I'm sad to know na naulan pa rin sa Northern part & as per the news ay matuloy na ang paglabas ng Pinas ng bagyong "Karen"!

Manny C. -> ako at ang buo kong pamilya would like to extend to you our sincere greetings of a very 'HAPPY, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TODAY' (Thurs., Aug. 21, 2008)! May all your wishes come true, more good blessings to come, lalo na may you have good health always, peace of mind & happy family! Cheers to you! How does it feel celebrate your golden birthday celebration? Binuko ba kita? Di ba hindi? Kasi when we talked the other day, ikaw mismo ang nagsabi sa akin ng your real age when I greeted you an advance birthday greetings! Lahat naman tayo ay darating sa edad na iyan, it's just that, "hindi mababakas sa face mo yung edad mo" kasi you maintain your ready smile to everyone eventhough you're just plainly talking to us. Honestly, bilib ako sa "super na kabaitan mo" sa lahat ng batchmates natin & I can proudly say na isa ako mismo sa nakakakita at nakakaramdam ng pagiging sincere mong tao. Kaya again, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' & ALL THE BEST !!! Wink cherry Razz
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Roel/Letty Pelagio

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PostSubject: I'm back!   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:48 pm

Kumusta sa inyong lahat batchmates!!! I'm happy to read all your messages, grabe ang daming postings at birthday pa ni Manny C., "Maligayang Kaarawan ulit sa iyo ha!"

Pareng Jun -> thanks sa pagsundo mo sa amin ni Mareng ATG last night para sabay-sabay na nga tayong magkita-kita nila Beebot & Rudy Victor. Ang saya ng kwentuhan at nabusog naman ako sa kinain natin at may na-take home pang pizza for my 2 kids. Siguro kaya madali akong nabusog sa katatawa natin, ano! Noted too at naihatid mo si Beebot mismo sa house nila & we all arrived home safely, kahit medyo malayo pa ang naging biyahe namin ni Mareng ATG dahil Cavite kami, wala namang traffic kaya hindi kami masyadong ginabi. Pasensiya ka na nga pala pards ha, kasi sa iyo pala ang gitarang dala when we were at Mrs. Sarmiento's place, akala ko kay Rudy Victor iyon (maling akala pala....)

Pareng Freddie -> we miss you last night, sayang ang saya pa naman namin. Anyhow naintindihan din namin na kailangan ka sa trabaho ninyo

Larry -> wow naman talaga! Bongga ang birthday greetings mo sa mga nagbi-birthday nating mga ka-forumotion at ka-inuman ng kape dito. You're so creative kaya mas lalo kaming ginaganahang mag-read at magpost dito. Naku naman, binigyan mo pa kami ng mga brain-twisters, anyhow, babalikan ko iyon kapag free na ang time ko, kasi ito munag forumotion natin ang inuna kong buksan sa daming pumasok sa inbox ko sa 2 e-mail addresses ko, I browsed them first at dahil nga wala pang e-mail si Roel, heto ako sa forumotion. I read all your posted messages & you're such a "REAL GENTLEMAN" talaga for apologizing to Elie, kaya na nga ba tama ako since from the start that you have a "BIG & GOLDEN HEART" at yung pagiging frank & very vocal mo is your real personality lalo pa nga at may basis lahat ng mga sinasabi mo, then bahala na sila on how they will take it. At Larry, pls. take note, hindi lang ako ang "guardian angel" mo rito sa forumotion ha, marami kami!

Mareng Prislette (ok ba yon & hello to Pareng June, ok din kaya iyon to him!) -> yes, alam kong tinawagan kayo ni Roel yesterday, kasi he called us up din & siyempre super-duper saya kaming mag-iina upon hearing his happy voice & as what I've told you "he's true to his words na tatawagan niya kayong mag-asawa", medyo busy nga lang sila at maraming movements ang barko kaya yesterday lang siya nakapag-shore leave. Nagulat nga raw kayong mag-asawa sa tawag niya & he even told me na sabi na raw ni June na "pare" ang itatawag niya kay Roel na "no problem at all kay Roel", kaya automatic na iyon na rin ang itatawag ko sa inyo, mas feel kasi ang closeness kapag may terms of endearment di ba? True lahat the things you've said in your recent message & that's one of your many secrets siguro kaya upto now "you still look, young & fresh" & siyempre walang problemang ibinibigay si Pareng June to you. Yeeesss.... good to hear na kayo ng dalawa ni Pareng June ang mag-eenrol sa computer lesson, tama lang iyon pare safe at sabay kayong uuwi sa gabi. I'm excited & really looking forward to chat with both of you soon, conference tayo nila Ehris, even Larry & all of our batchmates na mati-tiyempuhan nating naka-online, akong bahala sa conference chatting & mas masaya kapag si Larry ay maka-conference chat din natin di ba? And Mareng Prislette, I'm sure you will read Randy's message, kita mo isa ka talaga sa mga "hinahangaan ng mga boys during high school" & obviously ay binuking ni Randy si Pareng James na crush ka rin pala niya with matching na kanta pa? What can you Mare? At ano naman kaya ang magiging comment ni Pare kong June once you tell him about it? I think, feeling proud siya siyempre sa iyo!

Randy -> My God, so interesting to read your recent posting! You're such a busy man, but still salamat naman for taking time out from your busy schedule to get in touch w/ us here. Yes, of course, like Roel, he's really very much eager na makasama kayo once he's here na. Naku Randy, for sure once ma-read ni Pareng James ang message mo rito, he cannot deny yung binuking mong crush niya nung high school at may kanta pa pala. It seems inunahan mo ng mag-react si Pareng James about you, kaya sinabi mong si Rebecca Facundo ang crush mo, sana nga mas marami pa tayong mahanap na classmates & batchmates. Regards daw sa iyo sabi ng kapatid kong si Marissa & my brod-in-law na si Rafaelito, they're still both in Saudi, I gave na rin to them your e-mail address, kilalang-kilala ka pa rin nila during young PLM days. By the way, pag medyo maluwag na schedule mo, pls. try to get in touch w/ Yolanda Battaler ha, kahit contact numbers lang sana niya para naman makabalita about her.

Ehlie -> hi to you! Nice talking to you last night & had a good sleep too! Of course, my friendship is open to everyone, except gusto rin nila akong maging kaibigan. Happy to read your long messages here at para ka na ring nag-roll call ha! Thanks too for the info you've posted together w/ your message. By the way, at least nagkita tayo ulit last Aug. 14 sa meeting ng batch kahit grabe ang lakas ng ulan that night

To all of you my dear batchmates -> musta & hope you're all safe & in good health! Razz Wink bounce
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Roel/Letty Pelagio

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PostSubject: Simple get-together   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:33 am

Hi everyone!

Medyo nagkakayaan lang kami kahit yung date namin na magkita-kita ay may bagyo (Thursday, Aug. 20, 2008 at Shakey's Mall of Asia)

From left: Pareng Jun Papa, Rudy Victor Ingiaen, Beebot Lansang, me (Letty) & Mareng ATG

From left: Beebot, me (Letty), Mareng ATG, Pareng Jun P. & Rudy Victor
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PostSubject: "KWENTONG KUTSERO MUNA "   Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:19 am

Hello friends, ladies and gentlemen. How are you guys? Sa wakas naka singit ulit ako dito sa computer namin kaya't eto na naman ako.

Larry- Kamusta ka na brother. Miss ko na boses mo ha. Di bale one time call ako sa yo ulit medyo wala lang akong masyadong makukuwento sa yo. Anyway, i want to answer your ? kung naging kami ni Jaime D., hindi nooo,imposibleng magkaroon ako ng BF ,kasi itong taray kong to sigurado walang magkakamali. FYI , wala akong naging Boyfriend nung high school pati college, kasi concentrated ako sa studies ko. Muntik na nga ako maging old maid he he he . And beside di ko priority mga guys (kasi walang nagkamali o nabulag sa akin ).Sa mga friend na lalaki marami pero walang special someone nung high school at college. Actually nag BF lang ako at the age of 26 (tindi ba ? ), kasi sa totoo lang prayhard ako na wag magkamali sa pagpili ng magiging husband. Kasi gusto ko mabait na anak at may takot sa Diyos . Thank God at yun husband ko ang pinili niya para sa akin.

EHRIS- Thank you sa pagtawag maski na di tayo nagkaroon ng chance. Siguro some other time pag walang pasok. What time ka ba available sa chatting o pwedeng tawagan ? Para if i have the chance i will be the one to get in touch with you , ok b yun sa yo? Sensya ka na kung di mo ako makontak ha lalo na during office hour kasi nasa budget ako kaya lahat ng follow up para sa collections and scheduling of payments nakaasa sa akin. Pati Accounting Dept.ng Affiliates under my supervision pa rin. Mag reresign nga yung Accountant ko sa ASIA PAcific Golf Corp. sa Carmona Cavite at naghahanap na naman ako ng kapalit na sana residng sa Cavite din . Baka may interested na kakilala ng mga Batchmates natin, open pa rin ang position until now. Miss na rin kita friend. GOD BLESS and take care.

Freddie N- ang daya mo ha wala ka na naman classmate ? Kamusta ka na rin , sana next time available ka naman .

Prislette- Hello Ms, beautiful , ang crush ng bayan. Imagine si Jaime D. pala ay may pagsintang pururot sa yo ,
at hindi nailahad ang feeling kaya't dinaan sa paggawa ng tula. Pero in fairness, magaling din ha at talagang in love na inlove sa yo ? Sorry na lang Guys kasi ang nagwagi sa puso nya ay si daddy Jun (clap clap bounce bounce clap bounce ). Regards na lang sayo , Jun and Kids.

Mareng letty- mis na rin kita ( he he parang kagabi lag tayo magkasama ) . Musta party ok ba ? Kausap ko si
Jun Papa , last minute hinihikayat pa rin ako, pero sorry talaga can't be talaga.


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James Dungca

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PostSubject: I'm back...nakaka addict forumation nato   Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:13 am

Mareng Ehris,
Musta ulit? Actually when I reach the age of 40 that is where I start having this HB. And then I felt this pain somewhere sa king paa that I can’t explain why pero wala namang maga So when I went to the doctor she simply ask me how old am I daw and then told me na yung pain sa feet ko is arthritis daw. Sus patay tayo diyan, ayan na ang sign of old age. So after she gave me medicine aba ang pain parang naglahong parang bula in around 30 minutes lang at pati yung HB ko binigyan na rin ako ng maintenance.

Hay naku puro sign of old age na nga. Eto pa, nung nasa Singapore ako I was having this eye sight problem na kako need na siguro pa-change ng grado lagi kong inaalis when I use pc. So eto na, when I was with the doctor, susme tanong na naman how old are you? Ano ba tong mga kulugo na to edad na naman kaagad tinatanong siguro napopogian sa akin at mukha kasi akong young good-looking..hehehe.. Yun pala sign of old age na naman….makukunsumi ako sa mga doctor talaga. Sabi daw, pag lumalabo na tingin sa malapit at okey naman sa malayo that means I need double vision. Patay tayo diyan parang yung mga nakasalamin na meron ng reading glass sa ibaba nito. So ganun na nga nagdouble vision na ako. Di bale hindi naman halata ang mukha sa edad hehehehe…Teka mards, ditto mo send sa aking new email add : dungcajimmy@yahoo.com yung pics nyo at wag na dun sa igme@yahoo.com hehehehe..I want to see your picture worth a thousand wowwowow.. para maalala kita lam mo naman ako matalas pa memory. Si Racquel Patena classmate natin yun nung elementary diba? At naalala ko rin after hi school nakita ko si Racquel sa isang tv program kumakanta at parang meron din siyang isang single ng kinanta nuon. Racquel are you there? Paki-recollect nga memory ko Im very sure ikaw nga yun sa tv na napanood ko after our hi school dba? Sumikat ka din nun pero dmo tinuloy.

Tutoo yan me talent ako sa singing at si Prislette my dear, me talent din ha? Aber nga pag nagkita kita karaoke challenge tayo meron akong mediacom ang maka-98% mark super galling tlaga. Yung mga anak ko super galling din sa karaoke pero the best yung bunso, marami ng winning trophy at medals sa singing contest bukod sa nag-champion pa sa Robinsons Sta Rosa birit champion.

Mareng Letty,
O ayan tunggak ako,este tumpak na naman ako kitam sabi na nga ba wala pa rin akong memory lapse kahit konti. I mean I don’t even have a chit chat ke Josephine that time pero from some sources nga I heard she worked with J&J Phils which I think nagsara na due to that Asian financial crisis in 1998 ba yun under the leadership of Pres. Ramos. Super ganda ng tangga nila nuon nina Catherine kaya yun ang naalala ko hehehe…kung sinali nila ako at si Jun Papa sa dance number nila aba, swerte nila dahil kami ni Jun ang mga dancers nuon kasama si teacher Catherine. Madalas pa nga kami kina Bibot Lansang sa Kamagong nagpa-practice ng dance number. And that time na nagsayaw ang grupo namin nina Catherine dun tayo sa roof deck mismo ng Araullo nagkameron ng party which I forgot what occasion ba yun that time. Ayan na nagsent din sa wakas the evergreat makatang Pareng Randy. Loko tong friend ko binuko ako ke Prislette hehehehe..sorry mga batchmates and to Prislette also, pasensya na at nadulas ang dila nitong kaibigan ko. Talaga nga naman kahirap magtago ng secret oo. Pati yung kinompose kong kanta aba at naalala pa. Me karugtong pa yun andami at saka tutoo yan si Prislette is really the crush ng bayan. Puro na naman tayo datan at me mga pamilya masarap lang balikan at pag-usapan tlaga. I don’t know if Pareng Randy can still sing the tune of that song ako nagcompose kaya alam na alam ko pa yun.

Manny Cortez,
My dear friend and the ever great guy of Journalism’s The Wall paper. It’s your birthday kaya I’m here to say happy golden year. Ako sa next year pa sa June mag-golden age hehehe..Happy happy birthday to you and may The Lord Jesus Christ pour more blessings to you and the rest of your family. Nakita ko pic mo ha, at di ka pa rin nagbago, still energetic at full of firepower in your self. Parang kelan lang we came-up sa printing ng The Wall with Mr. Vazquez and Triffy dun sa UN Avenue and you were there to monitor the printing. Look at yourself na, successful and still intensified, iba ang turo ng ating katotong si Mr. Vazquez. Kaso late na ko sumali dun,isang article lang nagawa ko andami pang edit hehehhe..

Tutoo yan super fit ang mga pantalon ko nuon at ako mismo ang nananahi kasi me tailoring shop nga kami. Uso pa nuon ang super fit sa legs at pagdating sa laylayan 15” wow panlinis ng Araullo Uso rin yung 3-4” ang takong ng sapatos kaya nga dun ko naalala sa Badong dba?Sa galit sa amin ni Doc Jonathan pinukpok kami ng takong ng sapatos. Hehhehee…pag walang pasok gumagawa ako ng maong kung natandaan mo yung mga bang-bang denims,faded glory,wrangler jeans,levis, Lee, lahat yan ginagaya namin ang design.

Stay fit and cool Larry. I am behind you always I am slowly picking-up the rotten pieces of the sad stories you told us. The way you explained, it seems I have some idea who these people you hate. I know marami sa kanila are purely tumaas na ang ere. I recall our 10 yr anniversary, keen observer ako I can mention names of people I don’t like but I keep it to myself nalang. There is one guy with whom I don’t want to tell na diko nagustuhan ang ugali that time we had our meetings. He sounds very sarcastic and mayabang, just because he now works in one of the top greedy company in the Philippines. Nabanggit ko lang naman. Just the same, I am happy with this forumation and I personally would like to tell you that nagging addict na yata ako ditto to come and visit this forumation. Much as I would like to say, sinasabay kona sa office work ang pagbasa-basa sa mga postings where before I am focus sa pure work lang. And it helps a lot sa mga stress-work related activities nakakawala ng alis…tanggal ang alis hehehehehe…

Pareng Jun Papa,
What a kind man !!! The ever so nice buddy who never lost the charisma. Fool proof of being so energetic and strong personality. Ikaw pa rin ang dating Cirilio Jun Papa na very accommodating and full of smile and of course low profile so to speak. The great man very nice to talk to at mababaw ka lang magsalita at walang yabang sa sarili. What this I heard from pareng Randy ang galling mo daw pala sa badminton. I and Pareng Randy are fond players of tennis Nakaka-addict din ang larong ito. But the best in Tennis is Pareng Randy,he’s the Roger Federer of Araullo high school.

Hi Prislette,
Naku pasensya kana po ha, itong bestfriend Pareng Randy ko binuking ako talaga nga naman…mahirap palang magtago ng secret sa kaibigan kahit 30 years na nakalipas hehehehe…wg mo ng sabihin ke Jun at baka magalit sa akin yun. Puppy love lang naman yun eh…..hehehe..teka naalala mo pala si Ms Bilog yung guidance counselor natin. Hala lakas din pala ng memory mo ha? Tawa ako ng tawa sa message mo sa tutoo lang. Nasa office ako panay tingin nila sa akin bat daw ako nakangiti at napapatawa. Sarap tlaga ditto sa forumation,tuloy ayoko ng manood ng tfc at GMA Pinoy. Dalawa ang channel namin kaya palipat-lipat lang. Wala lang.. mejo diskarte kasi ginawa namin kaya dalawa para ding nasa Pinas.

Hi Ellie,
How are you na? So kilala mo pala si Utol Manny Dungca. He’s the ever director ng Dramatic club diba? Just tell Jojo Lismonero if by chance you see him that my utol is still connected sa PNB. Branch Head siya dun if I am not mistaken nag move na siya from Buendia ave extension to other branch. Send ka rin naman ng pic mo para marecall kita ha? Ingat ka rin sa mga food intake at mahirap na Avoid mga cholesterol foods ok?

Pareng Randy,
Yah man , that’s my great kumpare sa wakas nag post ka rin ng message here. Katuwa mga postings mo ha, ikaw tlaga matindi kahit kelan. Kamo eeveryone is asking where is Ronaldo Aldo Santos and I told them he’s doing good. Give my regards to him also ha? Kamo ingat palagi.

And of course to all of you my associates, my friend Alfred Nicdao, naks ganda na name ng friend ko,Anna,Triffy,Ramir,Nette, Ronnie Labao and to others ingat kayo sa lahat lahat..Balance food intake please.avoid fatty foods.

James D Duncan
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PostSubject: Allo.....allo..i'm back from the land down under!   Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:02 pm

Hi and hello sa inyong lahat, gosh ang dami and ang haba ng mga post nyo kaya heto hingal kabayo na naman ako sa kakabasa pero di bale ang saya ko naman while going through all your messages. Kaya nga talagang frist priority ko ang buksan ang computer ko at magbasa ng mga messages dito sa forum natin kasi alam ko maeenjoy to the max na naman ako.

Hi Pareng James, kumusta ka na? Well, well well, natatawa ako habang binabasa ko post mo, kasi nga totoo na bakit ganyan yang mga doctors na yan, pag dumaing ka sa kanila, ang unang tanong eh yung age mo? Nakakainsulto anoh (ha ha) pero di bale gaya nga ng sabi mo, wala naman sa mukha yung mga age natin, bagets pa rin ang dating, sinong magsasabing mga nearly golden boys and girls na tayong lahat? Ako nga, dahil hindi naman ako matangkad eh lagi napapagkamalan na in my 30"s lang, nagugulat sila pag sinabi ko na totoong age ko, lalo dito sa Australia, kaya nga ang tanung nila lagi "ano daw ang iniinom at kinakain" nating mga Filipino at bakit hindi tumatanda? Minsan nga pag may happenings kami sa office, napapagkamalan pa rin akong ka-age lang nung younger officemates ko, minsan sa disco, me gusto pang teen-age na bata na isayaw ako, kaya tawa sila ng tawa, makakadenggoy pa raw ako ng bagets kung gusto ko (ha ha). Eh susme! Kung alam lang nila na bukod sa me HB ako eh malabo na rin somehow mata ko! Sabi nga ng hubby ko, pag binigyan daw ako ng something to read, doon mabubuko ang age ko, kasiba naman eh kailangan ko yatang ng dalawang buong kamay para maidugtong ko sa layo ng pagtingin ko sa binabasa ko! (ha ha). Sige Pards ikaw na lang ang mag-judge ha pag nakita mo na pics ko. Naku ha, ikaw Pards ha me tinatago ka palang pagsinta sa girlfriend kong si Prislette, ayan may mabibiro ako sa kanya, courtesy of Randy, pero game naman yang girlfriend ko na yan, and as you've said me kanya kanya na tayong family ngayon so nakakatuwa lang balikan yung mga ganung memories nung highschool, kaya nga highschool ang best years of our life diba? Ako, in my life, highschool ang kung ibabalik ang panahon yun ang gusto kong period. Yan ang chapter ng life ko na i still treausre a lot. Saka ko na lang kwento sa yo pag nagkita tayo ng face to face, kasi sobrang haba ng chapter eh baka kulangin itong pages dito sa forum at baka antukin silang lahat na makakabasa! (ha ha).

Pards, ewan ko kung tama ako pero i guess yung sinasabi mong sumali sa contest sa t.v. si Eloisa Avila yun, diba nga nagkaroon pa sya ng single hit nakalimutan ko lang title, can someone enlight me on this one. Magaling din kumanta si Raquel pero i'm sure si Eloisa yung sinasabi mo. Oo yata i can't recall kung anung grade natin naging classmate sya sa ESES. Yung sa karaoke, oo nga mahilig din ako dyan, kasi nga may magic sing along din ako dito sa bahay, pag walang lakad kanta lang kami ng kanta ng hubby ko. Yan ang libangan namin dito sa bahay lalo pag may gatherings kami ng circle of friends ko. Oo nga dapat eh ilabas lahat yang mga hidden talent na yan, ang saya siguro. Sana nga pards pag online kami nila Letty n Prislette matiyempuhan ka rin namin, it will be a blast pagnag-confi tayong lahat, i can't wait!

O sige ingat ka dyan and send ko na lang sa yong email yung pics namin ha. Basta look after yourself always, alam mo naman hindi na tayo bagets.....keep smiling and my warm regards lagi.

Hello Anna (ATG) - kumusta ka na rin? Sayang nga hindi ako maka-connect ng mahusay, i am looking forward to chat with you, ang dami na nating kwento bestfriend. Saturday morning is the best time, kasi andito lang kami sa bahay and most of my mornings, i browse and read and post messages. Kaya ako rin watch out ko yung online ka. Take care and kumusta rin sa mga bata.

Hello Ellie, how are you? Thank you for your welcome. Its so nice of you and sana nga through this forum, its never to late to build and start friendship, kahit 30 years had passed and we never get the chance to say hi or hello during our h.s. days. I am really looking forward to that day that i will have the chance to meet and greet and hug all of you. Take care and regards to your family as well.

Hi Larry, kumusta ka na? Oo, i fully understand you and hayaan mo hindi naman ako mag-sasawang magpost dito sa forum natin, i always consider myself to be one of the luckiest to have found all of you, kasi through this forum, i was able to build lasting friendships, share my thoughts and feelings, whether it may be happy, sad or somehow in between. And true your leadership, we created a very wholesome site where we respect each others idea, view, wisdom, sentiments and all sorts of feelings, kaya nga it is just fitting na isa ka ng PASTOR ngayon. You stand firm for what is right and yan ang hinangaan naming lahat sa yo! Take it easy and always hoping all is well.

Sa lahat ng mga batchmates natin dito sa forumotion, take care all of you guys, keep smiling! My sincere regards to each of you. Till then..........
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PostSubject: I blushed!!!   Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:18 pm

Randy: Yes, si Prislette at si Priscilla Sandoval ay one & the same. It's me my friend. Di ba classmate din tayo was it 1st or 2nd year?? Pero naman, OMG ! You made me "blush " when I read your message. I felt the blood rushed into my face, so I know na nag blush ako. Ikaw naman, dire-direcho ka at walang "break", ah? I'm sure nahiya din si James. Well sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam yon, ah. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, after what... 31 years? It is ok, no harm done. I am a very open-minded person. We were all young then, we can all be "good friends" now, I'm sure we all know our limitations, isn't it? And again, welcome dito. Sana dalas-dalasan mo ang pag-post, ok? A couple of times kang mag-post, I guarantee you, hahanap-hanapin mo kami dito. Mag invite ka pa rin ng ibang classmate natin dito. Where is Big Boy? Hinahanap din siya ni Jun. Did you know I married June Recidoro, a classmate in lV-3. We accidentally met here in CA, tapos, ayun na! Hanggang ngayon, hindi ko pa rin alam kung paano nangyari iyon, eh? Oh well.....

James: Ok lang, don't worry, nagulat lang ako sa nabasa ko. Talagang "sobra" ang pagbisto sa iyo ni Randy, ano? Now I am curious as to what is "the rest" of the song? Sinabi ko kay Jun, updated ko siya kahit hindi siya nagbabasa dito. Sanay na siya doon, in fact siya kasi ang "tulay" noong mga sumusunod sa akin noon. In fact, he confessed to me after we got married na he made business sa mga pag-tulay-tulay niya sa akin noon. Kung mayroon daw gustong sulat na padala, may kabayaran, either pang lunch o gagawin ang homework niya, pero kailangang tanggapin ko raw. Minsan kasi, hindi ko tinatanggap ang mga sulat (tinatapon ko). Kapag daw ang gustong malaman ay "phone number" ko, mas mahal daw ang singil niya. Kaya pala noon, naalala ko, hinabol niya ako sa may bus stop at pinipilit na ibigay ko ang phone number namin sa bahay. Halos mag makaawa siya sa akin noon, imagine that, pinag-perahan ako!!! Don't worry, hindi galit si Jun, tawa nga ng tawa sa pagbuking sa iyo ni Fernando Nunez III. Sabi niya it doesn't matter, I am his "wife" now.

Mareng Letty: Ano ba ito? Nakakagulat pero, masaya, eto ngayon, naka-ngiti ako. ( At least walang "frown lines" ha! ha!) Ok, ok ang samahana nating lahat dito. Huwag lang sanang masira tayo. I am really enjoying this Forum. Sa Sept. 8 ang lst day of class. Next week, we will go on vacation to Seattle, WA. to visit Jun's relatives & some of them are coming from Canada, too. We will go "camping". On the way there, we will stop in Oregon, & that is where we are planning to buy the computer. Sa Oregon kasi, walang " sales tax". Dito sa amin sa CA, 8.75% ang sales tax. So, savings na rin kung walang babayaran na sales tax. It usually takes us 2 days to go Wasington or Canada. Parati kaming nag-o-overnight sa Oregon kasi para hindi pagod sa biyahe, at parati kaming humihinto doon para mag-shopping. Anong occasion yung get together ninyo sa Shakey's? Naku, ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakatikim ng Shakey's pizza. I remembered may Shakey's ba o another pizza place namalapit sa UST noon, kumain kami ni Oliver Tanghal, Araullian din, pero ahead sa atin, ewan ko, pero nahanap niya ako sa UST noon, tapos, nagkuwentuhan, kumain ng pizza. Mukha yatang mas lumapad ang noo ni Rudy Victor since the last time I saw him last year. Baka kailangang gumamit na ng Svenson, ika nga. Naku, Rudy ha? Huwag kang mapipikon, ok?

Annabelle (ATG): Ayan, napapadalas na ang postings mo. Tamang-tama ang timing mo at may nabasa ka ring "secret" pala dito. Kamusta ka my dear? Ano na ang update sa election? Naayos pa ang "libro" na dapat ay tignan mo noon? Sana naman, wala nang " mga multong" lalabas sa election na ito.

Manny Cortez: A Belated Happy Birthday to you!! August ka rin pala, pero "Leo" ka pa rin ba? on hindi na? Ano, puede ba kaming nasa labas ng Pinas na bumoto? Are we gonna have a "voice" in the elections? Sino-sino ba ang mga candidates? Will you be able to update us?

Ehlee: At long last, naligaw ka rin dito. Kung hindi pa yata nag-alburoto si Mr. Admin, hindi ka magpo-post. Too busy at work? Don't forget, nalalapit na ang ating Grand 50th, 2 years na lang. Hindi ba sabi mo, you will help plan it? I liked your Ten Commandments. It is very true, how I wish that everybody can abide by it. Sa dami ng numbers na binigay mo, alin ba ang "best" na tawagan ka, just in case? Kaya lang nakakaasar ang mga phonecard dito sa States, madaya, kinakain ang minutes mo. Ang hirap, malalaman mo lang na madaya at the time na ginagamit mo na. Hamo, kapag marunong na ako, YM tayo.

Larry: Ok ka na ba? Ang hirap naman ng mga "trivia" mo, talagang "brain twisters". Hindi ko masagot. "SIRIT" na ako. Can I have the answers? Don't let me think too much, I want the answers soon. Habang nag-iisip, napapa-kunot ang noo ko, ayyyy..... takot madagdagan ang "wrinkles"..... my dear friend.... don't let that happen to me..... Ibigay mo na ang sagot....please....please....please.....

Thelma: Hibernation ka yata dito, pero, active ka sa QT, ah. Nagseselos na yata ako. Say "hello" to us here naman, alam mo namang "labs" kita my dear friend.

till then,
prislette I love you
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Thelma Pena-Meneses

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PostSubject: Hello My Dear Friends   Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:05 pm

Naku at nagselos na ang aking dear friend, Prislette. Sobrang busy lang po ako kaya di ako nakaka-post. Guilty rin ako sa QT kasi di ako masyadong naka-post except when Letty and I talked and I needed to send a message to set the right tone for Manny Cortez. Naiinis na rin kasi ako sa mga salitang ginagamit na hindi pinagi-isipan. I will not stop posting sa QT, though. Personal na promise ko kasi yun kay Joley. Plus of course, marami ding mababait na classmates tayo doon na wala pa rito. Si Becka...si Angel...si Jovel...si George Basister...si Perla Blanco...Pinky Clarete...Jo de Leon...Jovel...Willie Bernabe...Joey Umali...Norilyn Ilagan...at marami pang iba... Hirap naman iwanan sila dahil lang sa ibang makulit diba?

Tama si Larry, if we want to change for the better, let's try to get involve and try to directly influence positive change. Naniniwala naman ako that we only have a few rotten apples and there is no doubt in my mind that they should be separated from the many. We can only do that for the batch if we get involved. Hayaan mo.,..sineryoso ko na ang usapan natin over the phone. I am with Ehlee, Manny C., Audie, Jun, Freddie, Bibot and Letty. We know what we want. All we need to do is to really cross the line and say...this is it!!! I am also in talk with Mahvic who is also looking for positive changes. Kenkay lang sya pero malalim din pala. Tet Masongsong, Willie Bernabe and James Cacho are also very good batchmates who also think of nothing but the good of the batch. Ang medyo hawa lang para sa akin lately is when I learned last night that the sample candidacy form we are using has my name on it. Just for the record. I know nothing about it. Mahirap na...baka maisip pa ng iba na nagca-campaign na ako subliminally.

And Larry...sobrang natawa ako sa poem mong bisaya. Ang galing mo talaga!!!!

Hello Freddie, pasensiya ka na last night. I got carried away at ikaw ang aking napag-diskitahan na lokohin. Alam nyo ba mga friends na marunong palang mag-blush si Freddie? Pero heto ang pinaka-cute na sinabi nya...Loves daw ng Mrs nya si Manny Alvarez (remember him?). Kasi kapag kasama ni Freddie si Manny, lumalabas na mas gwapo daw sya kay Manny.

O hayan dear Letty...nag-post na ako. Sabi ko 9a.m. Late nga lang nakapag-sulat kasi ang dami kong binasa...from page 65 to 71.

Hay naku...Larry...take the high road as you usually do...alam naman natin na at least pag wala tayong masama na ginagawa sa ating kapwa, mahimbing ang tulog natin...

My dearest Nanette, I sent you a text message. I am so thrilled to have met you once again. I am also very proud to see your beautiful daughter. Smart and beautiful. Perky nga lang...hindi katulad ng mommony nya na super mahinhin pa rin hanggang ngayon. I love you my dear firend. Take care, always!!!

Hello Pye...nahawa na ako sa'yo. Medyo malabo na rin ang mga mata ko. Glad to see your messages here again.

Hello, Fernando Nunez...sana natatandaan mo ako. Same with Jaime Dunca

As for me...forgive me my friends if I have not been so active to get engaged as I use to in the past. Sobrang nababaliw ako sa aking apo ngayon. Parang lahat ng oras ko gusto ko kasama ko sya. Pati yung daughter ko, si Lyra (yung mommy ni Connor). Madalas absent ako sa work and I do nothing but hug my daughter. Sya kasi ang eldest ko and alam nyo naman yung pinagdaanan ko. My father was bed-ridden of cancer until he finally gasped his last breath in December. Lyra, who was in the US, got pregnant and gave birth in December. I never had a chance to take care of her kasi nga I had to be right next to my Dad, all the time. Lahat ng pamangkin ko na nanganak, ako ang nag-alaga tapos yung own daughter ko, hindi ko nagawa. Hay naku..ang sakit nun sa akin. Pero ngayon...everynody happy. She's here and we are truly enjoying each other's company...

Till my next messages...Baka lalong masira ang ating mga mata.
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Roel/Letty Pelagio

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PostSubject: Ang saya, saya to be here sa forumotion!   Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:26 pm

Helllooooowwwwwwww.... everybody! Musta na kayong lahat!

Mareng ATG -> oks na oks ang posting mo ha, obviously you're in the mood kasi mahahaba na ang messages mo & regular na rin, tuloy-tuloy na sana! Ang aga ng tawag mo sa akin ha, hindi ko inabot ang ringing ng landline ko & then tumunog naman ang cellphone ko, ikaw pala iyon & kita mo, natapos ko na agad ang ipinagawa mo

Ehris -> hello to you! Hay naku, SOP na ng mga doctors na tanungin ang age (ke bata o matanda ang magpapa-check-up). Pero super sarap naman ng feeling na katulad mong napagkakamanlang 'bagets' pa, dahil you're a jolly person at palaging nakatawa

Pareng James -> ako, alam ko yung tune ng song mo nung time na crush mo si Mareng Prislette (hanggang ngayon ba?....,) naku mang-iintriga pa ba ako sa edad nating lahat ngayon, obviously dagdag spices dito sa forumotion natin ang ganyang mga topics & siyempre kapag mga crushes na ang napag-uusapan mas interesting di ba? Kita mo, nag-blushed tuloy si Mareng Prislette but as what she said, as well as Pareng June Recidoro, open-minded sila & accepted na those were a part of our high school days & at least, lahat tayo dito ay open-minded din & inaamin di ba? And since pare-pareho na tayong may sariling pamilya, talagang masarap lang balikan ang high school days natin at heto na naman tayo na mas nagiging active & close sa isa't isa not like nung high school na walang time makapag-share ng whatever happenings na nangyayari sa daily life. Hay naku, correct ka diyan, "pare-pareho na tayong addict dito sa forumotion" & I'm really glad to know (for sure ganun din si Larry & all our batchmates) na you find this forumotion of ours na relaxing & even lessen your stress, so tuloy ang katuwaan dito mga kapwa ko starbatchers! "WALANG BIBITIW HA, KAILANGAN, MAHIGPIT ANG PAGKAKA-KAPIT NATIN SA ISA'T ISA, NASA PINAS MAN O NASA IBANG BANSA", let's make this bonding/closeness/friendship of ours last FOREVER. Obviously, gusto ko kayong lahat to be my lifetime friends, for sure ganun din si Roel & once he's here, he will surely be posting a message for all of you

Mareng Prislette -> my dear, as what I'm expecting, you will have that strong reaction especially that you don't have any clue or idea at all that when you open this forumotion to read our messages ay may bigla kang nalaman after 31 years (thanks to you Randy & ok lang iyon Pareng James, di ba, ganun din kay Pareng June R.). Noted too that you will be having a vacation next week sa Seattle to visit Pareng June's relative, enjoy!!! Sana nga ay may magustuhan kang laptop doon & by next pa pala start ng computer lesson nyo. Mareng Prislette, I have a very good news for you, kasi last night (Thurs., Aug. 21, 2008), I am one of those who was invited by our golden boy celebrant na si Manny Cortez sa birthday celebration niya (ang mga nandoon, aside from Manny C. & I, ay sina Thelma, Ma. Teresa 'Tet' Masongsong, Elie, Pareng Jun, Pareng Freddie, Audie & the very special guest na napa-oo ko rin umattend ng activity ng batch natin, none other than LILIA 'Nanette' Matias-Reyes na sweet & pretty pa rin as ever, together w/ her pretty eldest daughter din na malaki ang hawig sa ganda ni Nanette, siguro napuno na siya sa kakulitan ko na umattend naman siya for us to see her). Of course, lahat ng makakita kay Nanette ay tuwang-tuwa, especially me, ganun din si Thelma & Elie na talagang tumili sa tuwa. I will be posting some pictures here later

Manny C. -> hello to you, pasensiya ka na if I mentioned already about your birthday celebration last night, but hanggang doon lang ang kwento ko, ikaw ang dapat magkwento nung iba. And I would like to take this opportunity to 'THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR THAT INTIMATE, WONDERFUL, ENJOYABLE, SUMPTUOUS & MEMORABLE EVENING'. Imagine on my way home pa lang, even after I washed myself up, nakatulugan ko ang grabe nating tawanan at kwentuhan last night. Sa ibang nandoon, tsaka na lang ako magbubuking kapag nagkwento na si Manny, or kayo na mismo kaya ang magkwento, pati sana kung bakit lahat tayo ay naghahagalpakan ng tawa, walang exemption ha, kasi pati ikaw kahit mismong celebrant ay hindi namin pinaligtas, di ba? Hope alam ng anak mo masaya lang talagang pag-usapan ang high school life/days natin.

Thelma -> hi & thanks! Finally you had your message here again. We really had a great time last night. I'm reading pa lang our forumotion when your message came in. Of course Thelma, even Larry mentioned here na tuloy lang ang postings sa QT ng mga batchmates nating nandoon & some of you na nandirito rin, dahil for a simple reason & a true fact that "WE'RE ALL BATCHMATES", di ba? Like me, talagang natutuwa ako kapag may new batchmates tayong nadadagdag dito sa forumotion ganun din sa QT, which only means na dumarami tayo at sana nga ay mas dumami pa

Elie -> sabi mo last night ay naisahan na naman kita dahil yesterday morning ay magkausap pa tayo & we even text each other, without your knowledge that we will be together sa birthday party ni Manny. Obviously alam kong pupunta ka, pero type lang kitang sorpresahin

And last night, I was asked din by Elie kung papaano kami nagkatuluyan ni Roel, I think I have to share them sa inyo & I know ok lang din yan kay Roel kasi paulit-ulit din naming binabalikan kung papaano kami masaya being husband & wife ngayon w/ our 2 precious daughters. Roel & I are proud to share to all of you that our love story was even intentionally printed sa lower portion of our simple wedding invitation when we got married in May 14, 1992:

1976 - We were classmates;
1977 - We graduated from high school & went on our own separate ways;
1984 to 1985 - We started writing each other;
1986 - We finally met again after 9 long years;
1987 to 1990 - The power of the pen brought us closer & the strong foundation of our sincere friendship grew deeper with each passing year;
1991 - We became lovers;
1992 - We finally made it & we will say "I DO's"

Last edited by Roel/Letty Pelagio on Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:38 am; edited 2 times in total
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Roel/Letty Pelagio

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PostSubject: Birthday Celebration of Manny Cortez!   Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:02 pm

Hi Batchmates! Here some shots taken during Manny Cortez' birthday celebration at Rack's Grill Restaurant in Magallanes (Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008):

Sitting from left : Ma. Teresa 'Tet' Masong, Letty & Lilia 'Nanette' Matias-Reyes
Standing from left : Audie, Manny C. & Pareng Jun P.

Left side -> Elie, Thelma, Pareng Freddie, Pareng Jun & Audie
Right side -> Nanette & eldest daughter, Letty, Tet & Manny Cortez
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PostSubject: ANG SAYA, JAMES, ATG, EHRIS, PRISLETTE, THELMA, AND LETZ....   Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:52 pm


Isang pagpapasalamat ko ay ang maintindihan na ako now!!! Kahit ako nasa bundok, rest assured of my heart for the batch, my prayers and though quite busy my undivided attention! Tama ka Thelma at nai-confirm ni Letz na 'DI DAPAT IWAN ANG QT KAMUSTAHAN 'YAN ANG ANCESTRAL HOUSE NATIN (pakisabi kay Joley 'yan hane, matutuwa siya), diyan nagsimula ang lahat. Kaya naman ako umalis na like Lets, una right ko yun, at pain in the neck lang ako ng iba doon. At ayaw ko sa lahat na magmukha akong tanga sa karamihan. Prislette, Letz and Thelma, honestly miss na miss ko na ang chatting diyan, I WON'T FORGET THE EARLY DAYS WHEN TRIFEE TOLD ME ABOUT IT, AND IT WAS YOU GUYZ WHO WARMLY WELCOMED ME, TAPOS KAHIT PALAGI AKONG MAY TRIBES MISSION NOON DINADALA KO ANG LAPTOP KO OR CELLPHONE KO SA MGA BAHAY NA MAY MGA SIGNAL, UMAAKYAT AKO SA MGA BAKOD AT MATAAS NA BATO, TAWANAN ANG LAHAT, MAKAPOST LANG. Haay, Kyutie, miss ko na those days!!! It's been a year now, BTW CONGRATZ JOLEY, HAPPY ANNIV!!

Ang maganda sa ating Forumotion now, di na maulit ang mga postings nila f***duck, KARMA66, KAPIHAN77, DINATUTO, SMOOTHIE, etc. kasi may button sa every posted message na if aware kayo malalaman ko ang IP ADDRESS at sa intel IP net, madetect ko from where the IP is coming from. Maging kung bahay o sa office GINAMIT ANG PUTER, kahit isang tao lang ang gumawa sa ibang computers malalaman kong mababago ang IP address pero detected pa din ang exact location na kung anong computer ang ginamit, kasi may assigned IP ang lahat ng computer na naka link sa internet. REMEMBER THAT INTERNET WAS FIRST USED IN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DI BA?

James > Kita mo tama ako, super fit ka, grabe ikaw lang tumatahi, kasi noon yan ang trends di ba, di pa masyaong uso ang RTWs tama. Di lalo kang magaling manahi now? Grabe exposes mo bossing sakit ng tyan ko nagblush tuloy si ATG. At though I trust ATG, talaga palang di kayo noon? kasi bagay kayo noon, si Alex buking na din eh.

ATG > Yung ganda mong 'yan noon at lalo na now talaga 26 ka na nagka-BF. Walang mga mata. Remember the first time we met sa MOA, di kita namukaan kasi ang sabi ko, di hamak na maganda ka ngayon, though ang esponghado mong buhok noon at prominenteng matang kumikinang na ala-Aunor, ay kakaiba at kapansin pansin!

Ehris > Good masanay na kayo sakin, ituring nyo kong parang CBCP kay GMA di ba, kasi mas maganda sa grupo ang may tulad kong "pain in hte neck" to some yet, to others more of a 'check and balance' or 'ombudsman' hahaha!!! KUNG SA TINGIN NYO WALA AKONG KATWIRAN, TEXT ME I WILL CALL YOU AND THRESH THINGS OUT WITH YOU OVER THE PHONE, OKAY. kAHIT MAGKAKAEDAD TAYO ITURING NYO KONG PARANG TATAY O LOLO NIYO. kASI TRAINING SAMING NASA MINISTERIAL WORK ANG MAGING WATCHMAN ON THE WALL!!!

Prislette > Grabe di ba sabi ako ng sabi sayo sa phone na, CRASH KA NG LAHAT. Di ako nagsinungaling di ba? Kasi iyan ang totoo. At sinong hindi nakakita ng beauty mo? Halos lahat naman kayo sa grupo niyo ay head-turners noon eh, siyempre maging sina Annabelle and Letz sa kanila DMakulitz, kaya lang kinatatakutan, aminado ba naman ang mga ganda nila ay parang rosas na may tinik na malupit. Pareho akong close sa groups niyo kaya I know, kayo sa grupo nyo accomodating kayo pero sabi nga ni ATG eh at accepted nya ay kinatatakutan ang taray nya hahahaha!!!

Thelma > Alam mo hanga ako sayo, sa totoo lang, kasi nasakyan mo na ang ugali ko. Ang aking paumanhin sa lahat sa malabagyong milenyong dating ko. SINASABI KO NGA SA MGA CONSTITUENTS KO SA SEMINARY AND CHURCHES, MISSION BOARD AND SCHOOLS KO, na kung ako nagagalit HAYAAN LANG AKO AT PAKINGGAN N'YO YUNG SA TINGIN N'YO AY MAY PUNTOS AKO AT SA MGA BAGAY NA UMAABUSO ANG HIGH BLOOD KO IPAGPRAY N'YO 'KO THEN DURING MY LIGHT MOODS, BRING IT TO MY ATTENTION. Kasi alam n'yo pag-sinabayan ako, masakit akong manalita. KINALAKIHAN KO NA ITO NA MAGING PANGANAY, though bunso ako, NG LAHAT NG RELATIVES KO BECAUS E OF MY POSITION.

Mathel, my isang bagay akong nagka-agam agam sa puso ko towards you. May alam ka sa crying blues na tinutukoy ko? Yon lang at tapos di ka na nagpost here, kasi nagusap tayo noon tapos may mga nagtext at mga tinawagan ko na alam nila yun. Sa takot nilang ma-identify ko sila they were hesitant to comment so I gave them the assurance that no matter what I will keep my mouth shut! Much as I wanted to call you, ayaw kong magitla kita, until this time came! Sorry kung hindi ka sanay na inopen ko sa Forumotion ang mga bagay na ito kasi may mga namention akong maaring pagisipan nilang natukoy ka. FOR THIS, MY APOLOGY. Pero pinabilib mo 'ko sa nilalaman ng post mo today, na mere confirmation ng phone chat natin the week after your Dad was interred. I salute you for this!!!

LETZ > Sana please update mo blog natin sa meetings niyo sa COMELEC!!! At wowowee ang pics niyo, ang dami kong namimiss ano, maganda pa din si Miss Alma Mater 1977. Si Tet ba si Ma. Teresa Yamson, correct me if I am wrong, di ba nasa Canada siya? Miss ko na din boses ni Norj, alam niyo ba na ang tawag ko sa kanya ever since ay NORGE or NORJ!!! First year pa tayo, never ko siyang tawaging Bibot!!!

Trifee > Okay ako ha, sanka, tagal mong hindi nagpost. Miss you Chess Master!!!

Si Rudy Victor an na at ang lahat?

Sirit na ba Prislette? Next posting sige!!!
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The Elder Twin
QUESTION NO. 1 : One day Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. How come?
ANSWER : At the time she went into labor, the mother of the twins was traveling by boat. The older twin, Terry, was born first early on March 1st. The boat then crossed the International Date line (or anytime zone line) and Kerry, the younger twin, was born on February the 28th. In a leap year the younger twin celebrates her birthday two days before her older brother.
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PostSubject: LALAHATIN KO BA, PRISLETTE?   Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:34 pm

2) Manhole Covers
QUESTION NO. 2 : Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones? This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle which can be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a very well-known software company as an interview question for prospective employees.
ANSWER : A square manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal of the manhole. A round manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So for safety and practicality, all manhole covers should be round.

... saka na ang iba hane?
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PostSubject: A cheerful Smile to my dear friends...   Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:47 am

Hi Larry, thanks for the kind words. Alam mo, hindi ko talaga alam yung crying blues. Dense siguro ako kasi ni hindi ko naiisip na kasama ako doon sa sulat mo. Ha-ha-ha!!! So no problem my friend, nag-sorry ka na bago pa man ako mag-isip ng bakit. Nothing to forgive because you did me no wrong. Diba? Tama ka...di ko rin malilimutan ang early beginnings ng QT... Tama ka rin...na kapag galit ka...hayaan lang na mag-vent ka. Alam ko at ng marami na ikaw ang isa sa may pinaka-pusong mamon sa ating lahat.

Let me share what I posted in QT last August 15. It's simple but I really mean it. It also mirrors how I cope with some disappointments in life. I try to look at it as part of a whole rather than an independent one. Pathetically optimistic din kasi ako.

Kahit August 15 na, Happy anniversary QT pa rin! My best wishes to everyone...

Josephine...(parang mas gusto ko na tawagin kitang Josephine just for now kasi yun ang tawag ko sa'yo nung highschool)...You called me in September 07. I was in Singapore at that time. Galing pa yata kay Abe Torrijos yung number ko. From then on, I got hooked. Quite frankly, my initial motivation to visit QT was the voice of enthusiasm I heard from you. Full of hopes...sincere. I felt humbled. Who am I to ignore a very dear friend who has nothing but good wishes for the batch? When I finally got re-engaged, my interest went beyond just you. I discovered and re-discovered friends. Ang love pwede talagang mag-multiply equally and be given away without depleting its source.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen. The early days of QT were punctuated by...Novelas and poems ni Trifee, kanta ni Rudy I., golden nuggets of learnings from Larry, caring messages ni Letty, funny and meaningful quotes from Raquel, out of the box thinking ni Felix, long distance connectivity ni Prislette, quiet elegance from Pye and Dodie, inspiring poems ni Angel, refreshing jokes and notes of concern ni Audie, motherly love ni Nida at ni Annie, malambing and bratty bunso na si Leng, super gentlemen and funny Noel, Jaime D., Jovel and Sam. Nostalgic moments from Dwight...The rest is history... natuwa na nagkita ulit...nag-simulang mag-reminisce ng nakaraan...nagbigay ng kanya-kanyang opinion, may pumayag, may hindi pumayag...may nag-away, may umiyak...may nagalit..may naawa...may nalungkot...may nagdasal...may nagtampo...may nag-mediate...may tumahimik...in the end...lahat ng emotions lumabas...patunay lang na tayo ay mga totoong tao...buhay...may pakialam...then nagkasama-sama ulit...pinilit bumangon...nagpuyat ang marami...nadagdagan ng mga beautiful people ulit...NGAYON...alam na natin bakit tayo masaya...Ang sarap isipin na ang ating relationships ay pinaghirapang kamitin...kaya lalong mas mahirap buwagin...****

Let me add ..." un-relenting and selfless support ni Ehlee..." a true friend indeed!

Sabi nga ni Jun P...mas masaya din tayo if we center our lives to our spirituality!!!

Larry...you will always be dear to us...yung sinabi mo tungkol sa house mo sa Baguio na for selected friends only...I personally support you. I don't see why you have to explain to anyone. Hindi naman kasi itinayo yun for public use diba? The unfortunate thing is (and hindi ito filipino culture lang ha?), natural phenomenon talaga na may lalabas talagang opportunistic ang mindset. Ano ba naman ang gagawin natin sa kanya...either magpakunsumi tayo or ignore the kunsumisyon. Let me qualify the last part...ignore but be in control...
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PostSubject: I'M BACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!   Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:51 am

hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry- Thank you for your call yesterday, kahit i know that you are really in a hurry... I'm so glad that i have clarified things and i just hope we can still snatch the chance to talk again reminiscing old times... You're a real friend Smile

Letz- my new found friend and angel, so nice to see you last nite, altho ang daya mo but its ok at ;least may element of surprise, alam mo i wanted to mpst right away hir para fresh pa ang memory ko of our laughter last nite with matching pics but as usual work get into the way kaya ayan naunahan mo ako. neeways so happy last nite talaga sobra... this time i know i'm in good company, thanks again my dear hope this is the beginning of our beautiful and lasting friendship take care always, btw ang cute naman ng post mo about your love story , this gave me an idea of what to do for our 25th wedding anniversary. cheers!!!! Smile

Manny- thanks ng marami for the good food and good company it was so nice of you to invite us last nite on your birthday, salamat na salamat po hope to be working with you soon for the batch cheers to you my dear Manny... Smile

Jun P. nice to see you sir, and for always txting me about our happenings i'm excited to be part of the new breed of leaders for the batch (kung makaka lusot) thanks again Jun Smile

Freddie N. - ikaw talaga kita ko ang pag blush mo last nite so cute and mushy sarap talaga ng feeling to be young again, but seriously i'm quite excited on the prospects of being part of the new leadership for the batch i sincerely feel you should be part of it Sir!!! Smile

Thelma- its always a joy to be in your company, your aura is so infectious that you bring life Smile to the group i just wish will have more time together with the other ladies for our little chit chat in the future,, im looking forward to working with you for the future of the batch take care always my dear friend...

Nette- it was nice to see you last night, nadagdagan na naman ng beautiful ladies ang kapihan... Smile hope you can join us in our future escapades...

Jame Dungca yes i will tell my cousin now i remember your bro Manny and my cousin Jojo went out for dinner the last time he was here for a vacation ill tell jojo that he is still in PNB from what i know they'rte the best of friends.. regards and take care too..

Ehris... yes my dear we will always look forward to the day that you will have the chance to visit us all here, i think this is the wonders of technology.. people reconnecting again .... after along absence you take care my dear...

Prislette.... hi there beautiful girl... kainggit kn naman ang dami talaga may crush sa yo during our high school days, but yoiu know what i have a small confession to make... in highschool 4th year naging boyfriend ko si Rudy Victor Ingiaen, alam mo ba na we almost brok up becozz of you!!! because alam mo ba nalaman ko remember mo ba during those day uso na uso nuon ang slum book aba nabasa ko ba naman na "CRUSH" ka daw niya but of course nag selos ako!!! Hay naku to be young and in love talaga!!!!!!! so when you attended our X'mas party last year may usapan kami na aatend cya buy as usual di dumating know what i did... tnext ko cya sabi ko " BEH!!!!! BUTI NGA SA YO DUMATING ANG CRUSH MO DI MO NAKITA" he he he , sarap talaga ng feeling to reminisce the old times... you can call my house phone 632 837-19-06 the other numebrs are my ofc. numbers call me anytime or better still mag YM tayo... take care dear... Smile

Randy N. hello po im not sure if you still know me but we were all staffers of THE WALL Welcome to the happiest site on earth... hope you and your family ar ok. Smile

im posting some of our pics taken last nite during Manny"s bday bash



just want to share these with all the WOMAN of this Forum


A set of screwdrivers,
a cordless drill, and
a black lace bra...

One friend who
Always makes her
And one
Who lets her cry...

A good piece of furniture
not previously owned by
Anyone else in her family...

Eight matching plates,
Wine glasses with stems,
And a recipe for a meal that will
Make her guests feel honored.


A feeling of control over Her destiny...


How to fall in love Without losing herself...







When to try harder... and



That she can't change
The length of her calves,
The width of her hips, or
The nature of her parents...


That her childhood
May not have been Perfect...
but; Its over...


What she would and Wouldn't
Do for love or more...


How to live alone...
even if She doesn't like it...


Whom she can trust, Whom she can't,
And why she shouldn't Take it personally...


Where to go..
Be it to her best friend's kitchen table.
Or a charming inn in the woods...
When her soul needs soothing...


What she can and can't accomplish
In a day...
A month...
And a year...

SEND THIS TO 3 WOMEN.... you will have good luck for an entire day.

SEND THIS TO 6 WOMEN.... you will have good luck for all of the year.

But, if nothing else...

know that you are truly loved and thought of

by the friend who sent This to you...

and that she only wishes the best for you and your life .

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